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Tommie Copper Compression Apparel


We’ve all seen the infomercials with Montel Williams pitching about Tommie Copper and how the product does wonders.

I saw the infomercial as well, and didn’t know what to think, but followed as they explained the technology used the Tommie Copper and the infusion of Copper in their items. I was skeptical at best as to the true benefits of this process.

I can now say, I am a true believer of the Tommie Copper product and the benefits of the use of copper in their products.

For a more thorough explanation of the benefits of copper in the Tommie Copper products, please check out their FAQ’s page on the Tommie Copper page. You can visit the Tommie Copper website by clicking on their logo at the top of this review.

As the site states on their title heading “The Element of Comfort”. I believe that this holds true.
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by on of the Tommie Copper reps and asked if there was any specific products I would like to try of Tommie Copper’s, and I did some looking, and had some compression calf sleeves, compression elbow sleeves, and compression ankle sleeves sent to me. I was not disappointed when I received my package from Tommie Copper.

Over my years of playing baseball, I’ve had sore elbows, and have severely injured one of my ankles by snapping 2 tendons. To this day, my ankle still gives me some fits after I run, which is my current form of exercise. Also, my calves seem to always play havoc with me after any runs, so these products serve me a great purpose to try.

I am a firm believer that these products do exactly as they state.
Posted Image
1st, the elbow sleeves. I received their slate grey elbow sleeves, and I immediately put one on to try. At times, just sitting around for me, I have soreness in my elbows, especially my right elbow, from years and years of baseball (again, I played all the way through college, so it was more like a profession for some time). Nowadays, when I run, my elbows can get stiff and uncomfortable, and sometimes downright sore. Enter the Tommie Copper elbow sleeves. I won’t say it was immediate, but, my soreness and stiffness that I used to have has subsided considerably to almost nothing. I have even used them to run in on both arms, and the feeling is incredible. When I first put on the sleeve, I got a nice warming sensation in my arms, and the stiffness I felt seemed to melt away after a few hours with the sleeves on. When running, again, they give a nice warming sensation, and when sweat does get into the material, for me, it is a mixture of the warming and nice cooling sensation, and my arms and elbows feel great. There is little to no shaking out the arms to get blood flowing.
Posted Image
Next, the ankle sleeves. Again, they arrived in the slate grey color, and again, I immediately put one on my left ankle which is the ankle I tore 2 tendons. Much like the elbow sleeves, it was not immediate, but the effects I still have from my injury subsided after a few hours of wearing the sleeve. It was the same warming sensation once I put the sleeve on. The nice benefit of the sleeve, as well as easing some of the ill-effects of the ankle injury is that it also helps compress the sole of my foot, and helps with any soreness I have after running making my feet feel really good.
Posted Image
Finally, the calf sleeves. The slate grey color was the theme of all the items, and these did not disappoint in the least. For some time, regardless of the length of run, calf soreness has been an issue for me regardless of the time I spend stretching. With the Tommie Copper calf sleeves, I have found a winner in my recovery after runs. They are incredible. As with the other sleeves, they have a nice warming sensation upon putting them on, and are extremely comfortable to wear at anytime. I’ve worn them during the day just sitting around, and have worn them to sleep at night, and wake up with absolutely no soreness in my calves. These have very nice compression around the calves, and really do a nice job of keeping the muscles warm for recovering.
I am a true believer that the effects of copper on the healing process is not a joke and does have certain benefits.

Here are the pros of the Tommie Copper Sleeves:
  • Comfortable
  • Nice warming sensation
  • Good compression, speeding the recovery process

Here is the only con I had w/ the Tommie Copper Sleeves:

  • I could not wear the calf sleeves to run in. As I do have them sized properly for me, on the run, the sleeves slipped off and slipped down my leg.
Regardless of this, these are definitely going to be used after all my runs to help in the recovery process, and I’ll wear the elbow sleeves on all runs as well.

I want to thank Tommie Copper for their great customer relations, and if they need anything from me in the future, not to hesitate in asking.